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Cranford has been awarded Bronze Certification!

Sustainable Jersey representatives announced that Cranford has met the rigorous requirements of Sustainable Jersey certification and had been recertified as a Sustainable Community. Cranford is one of 117 towns out of 399 registered municipalities that has attained bronze certification. Cranford was honored at the Sustainable Jersey Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 in Atlantic City with Mayor Thomas Hannen and Green Team members Nelson Dittmar and Dave DesRochers accepting the award. Cranford had been previously certified in 2010 for three years.

Mayor Hannen said, “I am honored to accept the award on behalf of the Green Team and thank them for all of their efforts over the last two years. This is a significant achievement and residents of Cranford should be proud that they live in a Sustainable Community. ”

To become Sustainable Jersey certified, Cranford submitted documentation to show it had completed the required sustainability actions, meeting a minimum of 150 action points to be certified at the bronze level. In reaching 225 points, the Green Team had to complete at least 2 out of 7 priority action options. It chose to complete an energy audit of the Community Center and an inventory of the Municipal fleet of vehicles. In addition, it accomplished 20 other actions ranging from establishing a Complete Streets Program to making a community garden available to residents.

“In becoming a Sustainable Jersey certified town, Cranford has demonstrated tremendous leadership and is a testament to how much we can accomplish with impressive sustainability initiatives in New Jersey,” said Pam Mount, chair of the Sustainable Jersey Board of Trustees.

Green Team Projects

Green Business Certification Program

The Cranford Green Team has partnered with the Cranford Chamber of Commerce to develop the Green Business Certification program. The objective of this program is to recognize and promote local businesses that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability by establishing responsible environmental practices. "Going Green" not only helps save money but also helps you attract todays eco-savvy consumer. Cranford is now one of only three Green Business Teams state-wide!

Joining the recognition program is free. If you would like to be promoted as a Green Business, please contact the Cranford Chamber of Commerce at 908-272-5522 or Debra Walker at 908-721-2624. You can find the application here. 

Anti-Idling Education

Many of us do it, but are unaware of our actions or their impacts. A car is idling when the engine is turned on but the vehicle is not in motion. This is not only unnecessary, but also harmful to the environment and our health. New Jersey has had a No-Idling regulation for diesel-fueled commercial vehicles since 1972. The current regulation, effective since 1985, and updated in 2007, states that, with limited exceptions, no motor vehicle (diesel or gasoline fueled) may have its engine running if stopped for more than three consecutive minutes.  .

In 2010, 45 No Idling signs were placed around schools and other public parking areas. 

MyGreenGarden -
Composting Made Easy

Composting is a natural process that turns organic material into a dark, rich substance. This substance, called compost or humus, is a wonderful conditioner (or amendment) for your soil. It works for both indoor and outdoor plants.

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School Programs & Partnerships

The purpose of the School Programs and Partnerships toolkit is to link schools with municipal sustainability initiatives by building partnerships between local government, communities, and schools. These partnerships will provide more formal educational opportunities to advance education for sustainability. This toolkit will focus on curricula and/or programs that could educate students, both in the traditional classroom setting and through programs linked to schools, such as after-school clubs, scouts, etc. Collaborative relationships are important in creating educational models that foster sustainability by promoting sustainability literacy and building awareness, understanding, and action. Municipal governments need to engage schools as resources for the community in educating for sustainability.


Sustainable Land Use Pledge

Smart growth is a difficult and long term proposition. As a significant, but beginning step, this Sustainable Land Use Pledge is designed to be a public affirmation of a municipality’s intention to align its land-use decision-making and policies to support smart growth and sustainable development. This tool is a model resolution to be adopted by a municipality. “Smart Growth” is one component of building community sustainability. The adoption of the model resolution is seen as the starting point for a municipality to begin to re-evaluate current land use practices and planning policies. The end result will be a community where land use decisions balance economic, environmental, and social needs, and the highest possible quality of life is provided for all its residents without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

On Tuesday, December 15, 2009, the Township Committee took a major step towards sustainability by adopting the Sustainable Land Use Plede