Improve Gas Mileage

Automobiles emit CO2 gases which contribute to global warming and our dependence on foreign oil sends dollars out of America.   

The Solution

Improve your gas mileage by following these simple steps:

  • Avoid aggressive driving
  • Observe the speed limit
  • Remove excess weight from your vehicle
  • Avoid excessive idling
  • Use Cruise Control
  • Use Overdrive Gears
  • Keep your car in shape
  • Plan and combine your trips

Check those tires:

Keeping your tires fully inflated will increase your gas mileage dramatically and extend the life of your tires by 25%.  Check your tires while they are cold and use a reliable gauge.  Make sure to check your tire pressure every month and especially before a long trip or pulling a heavy load.

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Most voluntary idling is pure waste. It wastes gasoline, and therefore money, impairs the operating efficiency of our cars, and emits additional greenhouse gases.  Idling in front of our schools is harmful to our children and sets a bad example.

The Solution

  • If it looks like you will be idling for longer than 10 seconds, turn off the engine and restart when you are ready to drive.
  • Forget the drive-through window.  Parking and walking into your bank or fast food restaurant will be good for the environment and the added exercise will be good for you.

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Washing Your Car

Washing your car on a paved surface can allow the soapy wash water and other pollutants, like oil and grease, to run off into a storm drain.

The Solution

  • Take your car to a car washing facility, rather than washing it yourself. Commercial car washes treat and recycle the water.
  • If you can’t get to a car washing facility, wash your car on an unpaved surface and use biodegradable soap.
  • Organize a car wash fund raiser for a local organization.Visit to learn how.