Nelson Dittmar, Mayor Andis Kalnins and Deputy Mayor Mary O'Connnor receive the 2016 Sustainable Jersey Certification.

Event: Create a Rain Garden In Your Own Yard

Thursday January 26th 7pm – 9pm
Springfield Public Library,  66 Mountain Avenue, Springfield
Rain gardens are visually pleasing landscape features that help manage stormwater runoff which leads to less flooding.  Toby Horton, Landscape Architect and Rutgers Cooperative Extension Specialist, has designed dozens of beautiful rain gardens for New Jersey residents.  Toby will be joined by RRWA President, Seton Hall University Professor Marian Glenn, to host this informative lecture. They will explain what a rain garden is, describe their many benefits, and tell you how you can create one in your own yard.
Cost:    FREE


Environmental Commission Meeting

Monday, February 6, 2017  7:30  PM

Cranford Community Center

Welcome to My Green Cranford, the official home of Cranford's Environmental Commission.  Explore this site for ideas for sustainable living or get involved in a "green project" and help make Cranford, New Jersey, and our planet a healthier place to call home.