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Plant This, Not That
A guide to the benefits of growing native plants NOT invasive plants in Union County, New Jersey.

When selecting plants for the garden or yard, the major line of thought goes towards the ornamental appeal of the plant. Very little thought is paid to possible ecological consequences of introducing that plant into a new environment. Consequences like displacement, foreign diseases, and disproportionate competition are just some of the many outcomes of inadvertently planting an invasive plant species.

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1,000 Rain Gardens

In the Rahway River Watershed

1,000 Rain Gardens is an initiative of your friends and neighbors in the 24 communities that make up the
Rahway River Watershed.
Building rain
gardens is one way we
can all help create safer,
more livable communities.

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Join the fight against climate change by taking the My ENERGY STAR Pledge.

My ENERGY STAR provides more than 60 ways that you can save energy at home, with detailed information about how these actions can save money and protect the environment.    By clicking on the link below and taking the pledge, you will be counted as one of Cranford's environmental champions.

Small steps by many will change the world!



Join us for the “Big Dig” on Saturday, April 25, 2015 from 9:00am to 12:00PM

For more information, to reserve your plot or to volunteer, please contact:

Kristin Caccavale at (908)884-5112 or kcaccavale1@verizon.net


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