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NJ's Busiest Shopping Town Just Banned Plastic Bags

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Next Meeting

Of the  Cranford Environmental Commission is:

Monday April 6,  2020  7:30  PM 

At the Cranford Community Center​​

Welcome to My Green Cranford, the official home of Cranford's Environmental Commission.  Explore this site for ideas for sustainable living or get involved in a "green project" and help make Cranford, New Jersey, and our planet a healthier place to call home.

Cranford Master Plan Re-Examination Survey

Under the guidance of Planning Board Chair Kathleen Murray, the Re-examination Committee, the Planning Board and the Township Committee, we are moving along nicely on our Township’s Master Plan Re-Examination. So far, two Subcommittee meetings and a Public Forum have been held. Now, we need your help getting the word out about the Master Plan Re-Examination Survey.

One of the primary objectives of the Re-examination Report is to have a broad and meaningful public engagement process to ensure that the recommendations in the Plan meet local needs and that they are supported to the maximum extent possible by residents, property owners, merchants, and the Township. The Committee has set up a survey to gather input on the key issues facing Cranford and to better understand resident and the communities preferences as to how they should be addressed in the future. Here is the link.

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