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Of the  Cranford Environmental Commission is:

Thursday March 21,  2024  7:30  PM 

This meeting will be held at the Cranford Community Center. Contact us if you are interested in attending.

Welcome to My Green Cranford, the official home of Cranford's Environmental Commission.  Explore this site for ideas for sustainable living or get involved in a "green project" and help make Cranford, New Jersey, and our planet a healthier place to call home.

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Cranford Project Canopy
The Cranford Environmental Commission is sponsoring the Cranford Canopy Project! Through this program, residents can purchase a tree to plant in your yard and help rebuild the tree canopy in Cranford. Plant a tree as a tribute, to celebrate a milestone in your life, or simply to enjoy the beauty and shade it will give. 

The trees will be in containers, and will be approximately 4-6 ft tall, at a heavily discounted price of $25 per tree (these trees retail for about $75). You will be able to pick up your tree in Cranford in Spring 2023 (more details to follow). Planting and care instructions will be provided, and you will be responsible for planting in your yard. Supplies are very limited, so reserve yours today through this link!

The program is supported by the Township of Cranford, the Cranford Environmental Commission, with funding from the NJ Shade Tree Federation William J. Porter Community Tree Project Award. Our goal is to plant at least 100 new trees to beautify the town (and your yard!), reduce stormwater runoff, and ensure trees thrive in our town for today and the future.

Trees are very effective at reducing the risk of flooding. Large shade trees absorb thousands of gallons of water, reducing stormwater runoff and soil erosion. Trees also increase the value of properties, reduce the cost of heating and cooling and act as a valuable resource, improving appearance and tranquility of the neighborhood. Contact with questions.


Cranford has started a food waste composting program at the Conservation Center! Just drop off your kitchen scraps in the bin next to the office/shed at the conservation center, labeled "food waste." The posted image shows what's acceptable; collecting and dropping off scraps in plastic bags is ok too. You do NOT need a Conservation Center permit to drop food scraps.
The waste will be processed to generate renewable energy for the Rahway Valley Sewer Authority water treatment plant. Thanks to this program, you can now divert your food waste from landfills!
More about the process here.

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