Benefits of Human Power

  • No negative impact on our environment.
  • The exercise will burn calories.
  • Make the day a family event. The time spent together will have a positive effect on the children and will teach them the value of working around the house.
  • Your neighbors will appreciate the quiet.
  • Raking is better for your lawn and garden.

Rake for the Planet

Want to do something good for the planet this fall?  Keep your power blower in the storage shed and “Rake For The Planet” during this fall leaf clean up season.

The NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection  has instituted Municipal Stormwater Regulations; which include an ordinance prohibiting  the following:

• The placement of leaves within  10 feet of any catch basin.

• Leaves cannot be at the curb line  for more than 10 days.

Rake & Tarp - Easy as 1 2 3!

Facts about Power Equipment

  • Emissions from the two-stroke combustion engine include liquid and solid particulate matter as well as gaseous carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons.
  • The average blower measures 70-75 dB at 50 feet and can reach 90-100 dB at the operator's ear.
  • Blowers' high-velocity air stream removes topsoil, mulch, and other organic material from your lawn and garden.

Helpful Resources:

  • A  Report  to the California Legislature on the potential health and environmental impacts of leaf blowers. 
  • Washington Post - How bad for the environment are gas-powered leaf blowers?
  • Air Pollution - Particulate Matter Brochure
  • ​If you must blow, go electric.