Help Plant 500 Trees In Cranford

Dear Volunteers,

Thank you for your time and patience while we try to organize. We now have a schedule. If you would like to help at any of the schools I need to turn in a list of names for safety reasons for the students involved please send me an email asap. Please cc Don Jones and me when you know if you can help. We are trying to get volunteers to all locations that need help.

We will be planting tree seedlings in marked locations at each site.   Planting directions are here.

Utility mark outs should be done by the time we start planting. Please be mindful of the markings and stay at least 10 feet away from any marking for safety and to prevent future conflicts. 

Tree Guards to protect from deer will be installed, we have been collecting large soda bottles and are cutting the pieces. The guards will need to be put together on location. A prototype photo is attached.

The trees need to be mulched into bed form to make it easier to maintain site and make it easier for the groundskeepers to maintain the lawn around. Tree chips will be dumped at each location by DPW. 

Tools needed to bring:

  • Shovel/spade for tree planting and loading tree chips
  • Bucket and water, to dip trees roots in for planting and additional water to settle soil, 1-2 gallons per tree
  • Hammer- to put in stakes
  • Scissors/pruners-to cut plastic soda bottles into rings and cut string
  • Staple gun- to attach rings to stakes
  • Wheelbarrows or wagons- to move tree chips around
  • Rakes- to spread chips into beds
  • Supplies if you have any to donate:
  • 2 or 3 liter plastic bottles to be cut into rings (eg. Soda bottles)
  • 3 1/2'-4' stakes
  • String, preferably nylon
  • Deer netting
  • Hard plastic sheets can be rolled or folded into sleeves for solid tree guards.


Please let me know if you will be at any of the schools. I would like to give the school a list of the people for the safety of the students:

Wednesday April 26, 3:00, Brookside Place School, 700 Brookside Place, by playground and back field. Teacher Greg Campbell and the Cranford High School environmental club will be here helping plant. ~35-40 trees. 

Friday April 28, 3:30, Hillside Ave School, 125 Hillside Ave, rear of school.  Teacher Matthew Fichter and some students will be helping with planting.~40-45 trees

Saturday April 29, 11:30 start, Orange Ave School, 901 Orange Ave, Terry Van Liew - Captain.


Phone: 908-377-0167

Please contact Terry if you are interested in helping. This is probably the largest planting. ~50 trees

Day/time TBD either after school or on the weekend, Lincoln Ave School, 132 Thomas St. A boy scout is working on this site for and eagle project. He may need additional help. Please email me if you want to help here and I will forward your information to him.  There will only be 10 trees planted, staked and mulched.


Friday April 28, 5-8pm, Roosevelt Park, 721 Orange Ave, Darren Gottesmann - Captain 


Phone: 646-234-5840

Please contact Darren if you can help at this location. ~75 trees

Day/time TBD, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Ave W. between Benjamin St and S. Union Ave. There will only be about 10-12 trees planted here, staked and mulched by playground benches. I am still looking for a group to help with this location.

Day/time TBD, Sherman Park, Lincoln Ave E. between  Walnut Ave and Denman Rd. I am still looking for a group to help with this

location.~20-25 trees. 

There may also be some locations at residence along the right of way, most are still pending mark out. 

Thank you all for all your help and support,


Tina Helmstetter, Cranford Tree Advisory Board  


Don Jones, Cranford Environmental Commission